Placing Volunteers in Rural & Urban Areas for Sustainable Development

We enable people from around the world to share their skills and expertise, welcoming applications from all, regardless of age or experience. We facilitate Best Volunteer Work Placement for one or more people, for a minimum of one (1) month and can secure the placement within 3 working days of receiving your enquiry. 

Best Volunteer Work Placement

Who We Are

Prime Care Network (PCN) is a Ghana based non-profit organization that is in to promoting sustainable development, agro-forestry, environmental conservation, international solidarity and cultural immersion through volunteer work, ecotourism and cultural tourism in Ghana.

Healthcare Volunteer Work

Our Placements

We offer placements that will either utilize skills you hold already or give you the opportunity to learn new skills. We will match your skills and expectations with those of your chosen options to ensure your placements is a professionally as well as personally, rewarding experience. This is achieved through our rigorous applications processing.

We place volunteers in both the urban and rural areas living with screened host families or in a home-stay or guest house or hotel for school groups. We have rooms available for individual volunteers, couple volunteers, family volunteers and group of volunteers with a lock at the door. Food is served by the host family and staff from PCN organization.

We work with university student groups to get involved in community service work or to do their field work placement with us in Ghana.

Donations & Sponsorships

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Best Volunteer Work Placement

Memberships & Partnerships

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Our Mission

We aim at contributing positively to reduce poverty, hunger, malnutrition, disease, illiteracy, drug abuse, unemployment and environmental degradation which are becoming increasingly the order of the day in most parts of the developing world.

Best Volunteer Work Placement

Hunger Reduction

Best Volunteer Work Placement

Illeteracy Reduction


Poverty Reduction


Unemployment Reduction

Projects & Programs

Together we can change the world. Find out more about our programs and projects.

Vounteer Work Programs

PCN offers the opportunity for volunteers across the world to volunteer in street children schools. orphanages, healthcare, HIV/AIDS, organic farms, construction and sports coaching. 

This program is designed for interested volunteers and tourists or visitors. We offer cultural exchange, friendship, recreational activities ,and learning of cooking  Ghanaian local food, drumming and dances ,visit to festivals and stay with host families in Ghana.

We offer a range of environmental and conservation projects such as forest restoration, sustainable collection of seeds and other product, assisting scientists and students with current conservation research projects; and maintenance work.

Some of Our Areas of Focus

PCN Volunteerism

Our main focus is providing opportunities for global volunteering in for poverty, hunger, illiteracy, unemployment and
social issues reduction. See some of our areas of focus:

Construction Volunteer Work

Street Children Work

Healthcare Work

Orphanage Volunteer Work

HIV/AIDS Awareness Work

Organic Farm Work

Some Volunteer Stories

"Hi, I must say that our student association and the course director, and overseas coordinator did well getting us through with Prime Care Network organization in Ghana. We were 25 students assigned to do our field work practice placement with the Prime Care Network, 8 weeks intensive field work placement working with local farmers and teaching agricultural science and English language studies to the local primary school in Somanya village, Eastern region..."
Jamine, USA
"This is Mahatma from Australia. I will like to share my experience in Ghana with Prime Care Network on my volunteering project on the street kids and orphans school. I got PCN contact from a friend who once volunteered in Ghana with the PCN. After I have submitted my application online to Prime Care Network. I received a message of acceptance in the project within two days of sending my application. I was given all the information I will need to prepare for my trip such as cheapest flight, visa, insurance, vaccines, suitable donations for the kids and the school, money spending in Ghana etc."
"I arrive in Ghana and being met by Eric a member of PCN at the airport for my pick-up. We were drove in a local taxi ride from the airport to my host-family in Kasoa. The house was full with local people and everyone in the house were happy to see me. Imaging your first time to see a lot of local people in your newly home and they can easily like you. That made me very comfortable for the first day. My host named Madam Esi, held my two hands, facing directly and politely said to me …."

These kids require your help!