Cultural and Eco-tour programs

This program is designed for interested volunteers and tourists or visitors. We offer cultural exchange, friendship, recreational activities ,and learning of cooking  Ghanaian local food, drumming and dances ,visit to festivals and stay with host families in Ghana.

We focused on local cultures, wilderness adventures, personal growth and learning different ways of living in the vulnerable. we offer trips to different destinations where fauna, floral and cultural heritage are being the primary attractions. To discover Ghana is to discover a new adventure. 

Whether you intend to visit our castles or the national parks, or to trek  through the traditional villages. Each day will become a new and exciting adventure .Journey to the hills and river valleys where fishing and traditional  folklore abounds.

 Hiking, river rafting and canoeing, villages and beaches, culture and photo tours, traditional histories ,historic sites, traditional drumming and dances ,exotic natural habitants, nature tourism, trekking, animal sanctuaries and  for a scenes of a spectacular natural beauty etc