Organic Farm Volunteer Work

Our Community Farm Project offers volunteers the opportunity to work on a small organic farm.
Whether taking part in a gap year, summer placement or career break, volunteers and two local members of staff are responsible for maintaining all aspects of the farm including animal care, crop-growing, flower-production, herb-cultivation and land-management.
They also arrange school trips to the farm to educate the local children. Sustainable development and organic agriculture – All volunteers live with local host-families.
This project is usually combined with another project in the Eastern region and Volta region rural communities. Volunteers working on the community building project or on a care or teaching project in the region could also help on the farm.
Produce which is grown on the farm includes small quantities of oranges, plantains, papaya, carrots, onions, yam and herbs which are used as medicinal remedies.
The farm is also home to rabbits, guinea pigs, geese and, once the pond is complete, fish. Volunteer on the Farm project – Volunteers arrange trips for local schools to visit the farm. Children are then educated about the processes involved in growing crops in a sustainable environment.
They also learn how to take care of animals and how to identify seeds and produce herbs.
Volunteers receive training from local specialists in the different techniques involved and are given an agricultural text-book, which is part of the curriculum, to use with the school children.

Additional projects for volunteers include:

• Fencing and netting parts of the site
• Planting new seeds and herbs
• Helping to build enclosures
• Creating a display area for seeds and herbs
• Helping with the construction of a rest area for volunteers and planting trees to provide shade. This project is a fantastic way to help develop sustainable, organic farming techniques while passing on a vital awareness of conservation issues to the new generation of children in Africa.