Sports Coaching Volunteer Work

In Ghana, Sports have the powerful ability to draw people together, even beyond international borders.  For many young people in underprivileged areas around Ghana, however, opportunities to participate in creative play and sporting events are rare.  Sports Coaching volunteers on PCN programs provide invaluable opportunities for young people to participate in sports and acquire the numerous benefits associated with playing sports.  Some of the various benefits include finding an inexpensive outlet for physical energy and friendly competition, getting exercise, gaining confidence, forming friendships and a sense of community, seeing the positive consequences of perseverance, and learning the value of hard work and discipline. Volunteers run drills, teach strategy, and provide encouragement for young players, while promoting healthy habits and serving as positive role models for young, impressionable individuals.

With any volunteer project, the nature of volunteers’ work begins with the needs of the community. The specific tasks volunteers carry out depend on the project and most importantly, the needs of the individuals they are helping. 

In the Spotlight: Sports Coaching in Ghana

Sports coaching volunteers have an impact on their host communities by interacting daily with local children, students, young adults, and their adult leaders in schools, sports clubs and youth organizations.  Sports are an inexpensive way for youth around Ghana to have a creative physical outlet while staying active and having fun. Ghana sports coaching projects give volunteers a new perspective on Ghana and on the role of sports in culture, while broadening the horizons of the young people they coach and providing support to the local organizations where the young people spend their time. 

Volunteers with an interest in sports coaching, physical education, or simply a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people in communities in Ghana are well suited for a PCN volunteer project in sports coaching. PCN sports coaching volunteers are enthusiastic about being immersed in the hands-on Ghana of athletics and about making a difference in the lives of the children and young adults they spend time with and coach.  Successful sports coaching volunteers are energetic, patient, creative, fun, and able to adapt to variations in playing fields or courts, available equipment, and varying skill levels.

Where Can I Do this Project?

PCN currently offers the following programs in Sports Coaching in Ghana:
Youth Soccer Coaching in Ghana
Youth Volleyball  Coaching in Ghana
Youth Athletes  Coaching in Ghana
Youth Basketball Coaching in Ghana
Youth Netball  Coaching in Ghana
Youth Table tennis Coaching in Ghana

As health authorities in Ghana are seriously working hard to improve the health system in Ghana, so as PCN has taking it upon ourselves to assist with the improvement of the health services in Ghana by inviting trained and pre-trained health professionals and volunteers with the interest across the world to come and volunteer in some of the health centers of Ghana. 

Most of these placements are in the poor communities in Ghana where health professionals are needed most. PCN organizes placement for volunteers who are interested in working at the childcare and maternity hospital. 
In this project, volunteers are expected to work alongside the local Nurses and Doctors; The work is mostly depending on volunteer’s level of knowledge, experience and skill. 
Through this project, we aim to increase access to basic healthcare for rural people, providing public health services in all aspects of clinical nursing, with a primary health work with the community nurses and promote health education in the villages. 

Role of volunteer/Intern
The work is mostly depending on volunteer’s level of knowledge, experience and skill. Volunteers would be mainly involved in care of patients, replacing bandages, checking blood pressure, first aid treatment, assisting in the delivery of babies, weighing of babies.•  Assist doctors and nurses in local hospitals 
•  Change bandage ,Assist Deliveries
•  Take blood pressure 
•  Educating people on basic prevention and first aid / healthcare education