Street Children Volunteer Work

PCN offers the opportunity for volunteers from cross the world to volunteer in our Street children schools volunteer work to offer free basic education and doing other related activities to these vulnerable children. This PCN volunteer placement is well organize in order to create new life into these unfortunate and neglected Children by sharing fun, love and education to them.

Many children along the coastal belt and discovered villages cannot afford to go to school. This means that these areas suffer greatly from illiteracy and its associate problems.

This is why PCN has established a Street Children Schools in most of the communities in Ghana to help provide free basic education for these children, funding their education into Government schools, and provide them with all the skills they will need to live self-sufficiently. We have in our care about 250 street-children and orphans. These children are Ghanaian and Liberian children, some with single parent and others have none.

The street children schools are constantly in need of volunteers to work alongside local volunteer teachers with children from kindergarten to Junior high school. They are taught in basic subjects such as Mathematics, English or French and organizing recreational activities and going on excursions with the children to the nearby historical sight-seeing.

Role of Volunteer

These children’s age ranges between 3 months and 12 years respectively. In this project volunteers would be expected to: 
• Teach Basic Mathematics, English or French 
• Teach them how to wash their face and brush their teeth 
• Guide them to learn their lessons 
• Serve their food or sit beside them while eating so that they may feel the societal environment 
• Help them in preparing to go to school, check their uniforms, shoes, neatness and cleanliness of the kids. 
• Volunteers would also help the children to draw pictures as well as playing games with them. 
• Volunteers would also help with the cooking of the orphan’s food and engaged in various related activities requested by project staffs.
•Develop creative programs such as dance, arts, music, etc.
•  Organize physical and sports activities
Developing creative free-time programs such as dance, arts, music and other physical activities

  • Helping the children with various health and personal hygiene needs
  • Teaching life-skills
  • Housekeeping as well as cooking and serving food to the children, in most cases during our usual food for all programme.

There are no special qualifications for the Street Children Project in Ghana but people with kind heart for children, compassion and love for the children are required for this placement.