Volunteer Stories

Hi, I must say that our student association and the course director, and overseas coordinator did well getting us through with Prime Care Network organization in Ghana. We were 25 students assigned to do our field work practice placement with the Prime Care Network, 8 weeks intensive field work placement working with local farmers and teaching agricultural science and English language studies to the local primary school in Somanya village, Eastern region.
On arrival at Accra airport, we met with 3 representatives from the organization who gave us a warmly welcome to Ghana ‘the heart of Africa’. Arriving evening and we have to stay in a homestay for the night and the next day we go on a bus ride for about 2 hours to the village and check in to our village home. After half hour we were picked by the bus to the local school and impressively the local pupils were on parade whilst a group of local cultural drummers and dancers performing a show to welcome us to the village. Few of my colleague’s including me geared to try the local dancing lasting for about 10 minutes cultural dancing display by the group. Very impressive one. My first time in Africa.
The leader of the PCN team made some introduction of Michael Torto‘’the founder/Director of PCN ’’,Mr. Allotey’’the school headmaster’’ ,Jocelyn and Eric ‘’ the leaders of the local farmers’’ and finally my school group. We were taken to the farm locations where we will work the next day. Project kits were provided to us and chart for each week work to be done from the farm to the school. I enjoyed my working with the local farmers, the school teachers and the local kids. Every Fridays we write our reports and bring it, and working close with the PCN team. As the leader for my group I always meet with Michael for discussions on every week subjects and occurrences. Aside we usually spend most of our weekend going on the adventure/cultural touring for sight-seeing and village traditional walks at Volta region, Central region and Eastern region. Our placement with Prime Care Network was an excellent one, and that made us gathered information and prepared us for our school model.
I must say a big thanks for PCN team, the local pupils and school teachers, the local farmers and all people who contributed to our field work project during our time in Ghana. I however recommend Prime Care Network to any group or school that would like to do such a project in Ghana or sort your course with them to provide you a suitable placement for your group mission.
This is our first time doing our field work placement with the PCN, but my overseas coordinator is planning another project work with the PCN for other students. Have a wonderful time in Ghana
United States of America (USA)
"Hello everyone,
This is Mahatma from Australia. I will like to share my experience in Ghana with Prime Care Network on my volunteering project on the street kids and orphans school. I got PCN contact from a friend who once volunteered in Ghana with the PCN. After I have submitted my application online to Prime Care Network. I received a message of acceptance in the project within two days of sending my application. I was given all the information I will need to prepare for my trip such as cheapest flight, visa, insurance, vaccines, suitable donations for the kids and the school, money spending in Ghana etc.
I was met at the airport by a representative from the PCN, and to my host-family where I was welcome to my new home in Ghana and comfortably going around to see the bathroom, the toilet, local kitchen and many more. The next day I was taken to the school where I will work and discuss my assignment with the teachers and working hand in hand with the local people.
The school children are Ghanaian and Liberian children being offering with basic subjects such as English, mathematic, integrated science. There are other areas where you’re able to organize recreational activities for the kids, drawings, going on excursions with the kids, teach them something new from your country, show them some pictures from your country or family, tell them a bit about your country kids, love, a story you know etc.
I was excited about my weekend travelling around on the eco-touring programmes to other regions and my volunteering work with Prime Care Network.
It’s difficult to explain all my experience into words but I will be ready to share more of my time in Ghana when you contact me.
Thanks to Prime Care Network on the project and for a unique hospitality they provided to me and other volunteers I met in Ghana."
“Hi, I arrive in Ghana and being met by Eric a member of PCN at the airport for my pick-up. We were drove in a local taxi ride from the airport to my host-family in Kasoa. The house was full with local people and everyone in the house were happy to see me. Imaging your first time to see a lot of local people in your newly home and they can easily like you. That made me very comfortable for the first day. My host named Madam Esi, held my two hands, facing directly and politely said to me ….my daughter ‘’Akwaaba’’you’re welcome to Ghana , the land that has a good heart for all’ ,now I have few things to show you in your newly home in Africa’’ I love those words as she talked to me. She took me around to show me the toilet ,bathroom, open kitchen right at the middle of the house, then we went out of the house to the road side and she says tomorrow after your working at the orphans school ,sister Efua will take you to the market to see the local market place.
I was among 80 children at the school. I met with Shadrack the head of the school to discuss my schedules for the week, I donated some toys and educational materials and some sweets for the kids at the lower class. Lovely kids around me. After Shadrack to told me the kids have something to show you now. At this time I was wondering what is could be like but I did not ask him anything. Oh my God ….they started with chorography, poem recital, some drama plays and this was an impressive opportunity for me to see the kids doing all that.
The next day I began my volunteering at the school and working close with the local teachers and few volunteers, from Nepal, USA, South Korean, I think London as well.I enjoyed the work and meetings newly friends coming from different countries together to achieve a common goal.
I was engage with the eco-touring programmes at my free time usually the weekend staying in hotels and guest-houses at the Cape coast and the Volta region. I enjoyed the impressive canopy walkway at the Kakum National Park, the slave trade castle, the beach with local fishermen bringing in their net, the highest waterfall at hohoe and the monkey village tour at Tafi Atome.
Get close to Prime Care Network and they will make you a truly philanthropist. I will be ready to share more experience with people who contact me.”